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  • 10 vibes for Marmaris

    like locals

    Marmaris Castle and Archaeology Museum; the first major renovation of the ancient Marmaris Castle was undertaken by the famous Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566) during his siege of the island Rhodes.

    Archaeology museum is a must-see due to its a repository for artefacts unearthed at digs all around the Marmaris and Muğla. There’s pottery, glassware, architectural fragments, coins, amphorae from different periods of history.

    Sedir Island; The contrast between modern, bustling Marmaris and this gorgeous uninhabited island on the north side of the peninsula is striking. Go for a swim and enjoy the gold sand. To reach to Sedir Island, you’ll need to make the relatively easy trip to the village of Çamlı and from there you can make the short boat crossing. The island is also referred to as Cleopatra Island, as legend has it that Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius bathed here 2000 years ago.

    Marmaris National Park; If the resort at Marmaris ever feels crowded, you can always escape to the almost 30.000 hectares of protected nature all around you. The national park surrounds Marmaris on land and encompasses the islands in the bay. The landscape is one of tall rocky hills under a mantle of pine, sweet gum and eucalyptus.

    Turunç Beach; Half an hour south of the resort by road is the village of Turunç facing east on the Bay of Marmaris couched in a bowl of rocky hills covered with forest. The beach withdrawn from the coastline, in a cove where the water is a darker shade of aquamarine and as calm as can be. The beach at Turunç is Blue Flag and has a blend of coarse sand and pebbles, covered with sun loungers and parasols for a blissful afternoon in the sun.

    Join a daily Boat Tour; Such is the amount of natural beauty around the bay of Marmaris that it’s a good idea to sit back and just be shown around on a boat. You’ll step ashore at Paradise Island, lounge on deserted beaches and swim in turquoise waters of the Fosforlu Mağara (Phosphorus Cave).

    Relax in a hidden bay, away from noise of the town; on the peninsula where Marmaris is located you’ll find many unspoilt and hidden bays to escape from the bustle and noise of town life. Lie down on golden sands, listen to the waves of the turquoise sea, and conserve some energy for the night!

    Go to Marmaris Bar Street; The place to go out in Marmaris is just one street inland from the waterfront next to the marina. True to its name, Bar Street is full of the bars and clubs catering to people in their late-teens and twenties. In the high season the place is heaving, and each venue starts to fill up around 23:00, with the party continuing until daylight.

    Watch the Sunrise and Sunset; A great start your day by watching the beautiful sunrise over the islands, sea and pine covered hills. Marmaris offers some excellent vistas when the day is starting. You’ve just got to wake up early to enjoy the purple and pink rays of sun. At the end of the day Marmaris offers magnificent sunset shoots for sunset chasers.

    Try Traditional or Modern Turkish Cuisine for Dinner; Turkish cuisine is inherently healthy and highly seasonal, with most dishes being created from the abundance of fresh produce available. The flavours and spices that go into Turkish Cuisine are not only delicious, they have antioxidant properties, working to lower cholesterol, eliminate toxins and boost immunity.

    Go Cycling in the forests on marked routes; Marmaris boasts 9 road bike and 11 mountain bike waymarked routes. From the town centre to hidden bays, on single paths or narrow asphalt ways.