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    Sweetgum Tree (Günlük Ağacı)

    Marmaris is the home of Anatolian sweetgum, an endemic tree species with a long lifespan of 300 years. It can reach 35-40 meters length under suitable conditions. Sweetgum grows naturally in Marmaris, then Dalaman, Köyceğiz and Fethiye. It is also known as Liquidambar orientalis. It’s a deciduous tree in the genus Liquidambar, native to the Marmaris and Köyceğiz towns. They create an unforgettable aroma. That’s why these trees are used by the perfume industry. It was also used in embalming in ancient days Beside embalming, sweetgum has become a love potion and beauty tool by rubbing it on women's bodies after the baths for both in Queen Cleopatra and Roman baths. 

    Almond Trees

    The sweet aroma of the beautiful white flowers of almond trees, in February and March, is the joy of your trip to Marmaris. 

    Pine Forest

    Marmaris is covered with pine forests on the slopes of the mountains near the sea. Forests and sea, together create clean and fresh air. So, come to Marmaris and fill your lungs!