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    Söğüt and Taşlıca Villages

    Söğüt and Taşlıca villages are located to the southwest of Marmaris. Söğüt is about 38 km from Marmaris and Taşlıca is about 4.5 km from Söğüt. They both overlook the Söğüt bay.

    To the southwest of the village, at a distance of about one kilometre, you can see the scant remains of the ancient city of Thyssanos.

    The Saranda Cove is the gateway to the sea as the main part of the village is slightly inland at three km from the shore. The cove has some very impressive panoramas.

    Taşlıca is about 5 km from Söğüt. The road between these two points is impressive. The remains of the ancient city of Phoenix are 4 km from Taşlıca on the Asar Hill.

    Serçe Harbour near to the village of Taşlıca is another interesting place. It’s located 8 km from the village. Serçe Harbour is a popular stop for the blue voyage yachts and boats. The sea is very bright and clean. The area is very protected and offers safe haven to yachts even in the stormiest weather.