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    Marmaris Castle

    The town centre of Marmaris is where the castle, port and marina are located. The medieval castle, now a museum, that overlooks the whole area around the harbour and gives you a taste of the old town's character. Many of these historical structures are in a good state of preservation. Marmaris Castle organized as Archaeology Museum is one and only museum in Marmaris. Amphora pieces belonging to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods and pottery and glassware, coins and ornaments found in excavations in the Knidos, Hisarönü and Burgaz regions are exhibited in there.

    Marmaris Historical Bazaar

    The Historical Bazaar continues to exist with all its vitality from past to present.  There are many local stores in the bazaar where souvenirs unique to Marmaris, clothes, spices and handicrafts are available to visitors.

    Phoenix Ancient City

    The ruins of Phoenix, an ancient Carian city, are located on a hill, 4 km outside Taşlıca Village. It is estimated that the history of the city is back to 2400 BCE. The most important remains of the ancient city are the temple and the ancient mill. You can easily observe and traces of the ancient period where the ruins are quite good in Phoenix. 

    Loryma Ancient City

    The city was established in Bozukkale Village at the southwestern end of Bozburun peninsula. The most impressive structure is the ancient Castle. Bozukkale Port is an important break point for blue cruise boats and yachts where you can enjoy an afternoon hike to the ancient walls of Loryma for a spectacular view. 

    Hemithea Temple

    The Temple of Hemithea, located in Hisarönü (ancient Kastabos)

    According to mythology, when the two sisters were about to drown in the ocean, they were rescued by the ancient god Apollo. One of the sisters, Molpadia, was sent to a Carian city, and the other sister Parthenos to ancient Bybassos. Molpadia was called as Hemithea due to her healing powers She was so loved by the people of Kastabos (Hisarönü) that a temple was built in her name. It is estimated that the temple dates back to 4th century BCE. 

    Other Ancient Cities;

    Physkos (Beldibi, Asartepe), Amos (Hisarönü, Turunç), Kastabos (Hisarönü), Syrna (Bayır köyü), Thyssanos (Söğüt), Kasara (Serçe limanı), Kedrai (Sedir adası), Euthena ve Amnistos (Karacasöğüt). 


    Marmaris marina is one of the largest and modern marinas in the Southern Aegean. It has always been an important port since antiquity. Today, this large and modern marina is frequented by luxury yachts and boats. Some of the local boats are available for hire to visit the islands and bays along its coast.

    The sailing community in Marmaris and surroundings is big. Boat owners and sailors can find any number of marinas for all shapes and sizes of boats and yachts.

    You’ll find three Marinas situated in Marmaris Town itself and other marinas located in Bozburun, Selimiye, Orhaniye and Karacasöğüt towns. 

    Cennet Island

    Cennet Island translates as Paradise Island is a actually a peninsula near the city of Marmaris. The beautiful island is covered in pine forest and it has a pristine coastline for a perfect dip into the sea. It is a very popular boat trip destination. The landscape of the island will offer perfect photo shoots for sunset chasers. Come to the island, spend a relaxed day of just swimming and sunbathing. Fosforlu Mağara (Phosphorus Cave) is a magnificent cave where you can swim in the turquoise waters. Paradise Island has also walking paths for hiking lovers. 


    When viewed from Marmaris, part of the sea which resembles a strait is called Yalancıboğaz (translates as False Strait) connects the Paradise Island (Cennet Adası) to the mainland. The peninsula is on the itinerary of many of the daily tour boats. Alternatively, you can drive or take the public minibus service to reach the strait, just 8 km from the city centre. Once there you can walk to Paradise Island and Nimara Cave. Yalancıboğaz was used as a marina in the past. It still has a marina and the boat yards of Marmaris are located here. Marmaris Yacht Marina, the most prestigious marina of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, is located in Yalancıboğaz and is also one of the most important yachting and tourism centers.

    Cleopatra Island

    Marmaris is an earthly paradise that was even irresistible to Cleopatra. Legend has it that Cleopatra, the last Hellenistic queen of ancient Egypt, swam on Sedir Island, 10 kilometres north of Marmaris town center. For this reason, this island is known as Cleopatra Island today.

    Cleopatra Island, also known as Sedir Island, where Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her Roman lover, the famous commander Antonius, had a great love and swim and lay on the sand, offers a unique experience to its visitors with its unique softly golden sand and turquoise waters. The most distinctive feature of sand is when you take the sand in your palm, you will see that they are the same size and round in colour. It is also surprising that sand can reproduce by itself. One of the most prominent features of sand is that it is flammable.

    You can reach this island by boat tours departing from Akyaka and also visit the ancient city of Kedrai, which dates back to the 6th century BCE. The Dorians were the first to settle in the ancient city of Kedrai, which is only 200 meters high from this beach. 

    Hisarönü Gulf

    Hisarönü Gulf is an excellent route with its pristine bays like Dirsekbükü, İnbükü, Bencik, Sığliman, Hurmalıbük.  In addition to this; Selimiye or Bozburun where both you can get alongside by boat some evenings and you can have the chance to go ashore in the ports are other perfect routes.

    The varied colours of the flora and fauna are complemented by the expanse of red sands along the Hisarönü coast. With the beautiful panoramas Hisarönü is also a popular spot for amateur fisherman!


    Bozburun is located 45 km southwest of Marmaris. It’s a popular town especially for yacht tourism. Life here is very calm and the environment is quiet with a relatively small population. There are a few boutique hotels, hostels and restaurants in this small town.

    Bozburun is best known for its yacht and gullet shipyards. Gulets are traditional wooden masted sailing boats similar to caiques. Many of the gullets used on the famous Blue Voyages along the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are built here. There are many repair workshops in the region.

    Bozburun is also located within the boundaries of the ancient city of Loryma. You can walk around the ruins of this ancient city and experience some unforgettable landscapes! 

    Turunç Bay

    As one of the best-known bays of Marmaris, Turunç has pure turquoise waters that will remind you of an aquarium. Close to the sea, you’ll find modern and traditional restaurants, walking areas, and both luxury and boutique hotels. It’s possible to reach Turunç by driving or by boat.

    Kumlubük Bay

    Kumlubük Bay is located 25 km south west of Marmaris. There is no direct access to Kumlubük Bay by road. Intertwined with the mountain, Kumlubük is famous for its beach and slopes with popular trekking and hiking trails. An unspoilt bay to get away from it all! Located to the south of Marmaris, Kumlubük Bay has pristine clear turquoise water set in the middle of lush greenery. The beaches are rarely crowded and it’s a great place to enjoy tranquillity and seclusion on golden sands.

    Amos Bay

    Located between Turunç and Kumlubük, Amos Bay is famous for its crystal clean water. There is no public transport to this secluded area, you can get there by using your own car or by boat. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel and mask as the snorkelling here is great and you won’t want to miss seeing the ruins of the Ancient City of Amos!

    Bördübet Bay

    Another bay which is enclosed by forests of pine trees is “Bördübet. If you’re looking for a delightful beach in order to relax accompanied by a rich diversity of birds, then you need go no further!  There are bungalow and tent accommodation alternatives in the village. In Bördübet, which is a quiet bay, you can wander on the boat or canoe, taking short walks, fishing and touring the surrounding bays or cycling.

    Bencik Bay

    Located to the north of the Marmaris district, Bencik Bay boasts a navy-blue sea along with golden sands. Bencik bay is dreamy and hidden point in Hisarönü Gulf by clear sea, perfect sky and pine forests around. Since this is a bay closed to strong winds, it is one of the most preferred bays for blue voyage yacht coming to Marmaris and Datça. After half hour by walking from Bencik Bay, easily reach the Bördübet Bay.


    Kızkumu is located in Orhaniye village, which has an ever-calm sea with the irresistible smell of pine trees where you can see every colour of green.

    According to the legend of Kızkumu; the fisherman and the princess fall in love and meet on the beach secretly every night. One night, they are caught by the King's soldiers who doesn’t approve this relationship. The princess, realizing that her lover will be killed, runs away from the soldiers and runs towards the young fisherman who approaches her with a boat. At that moment, a miracle happens, and with every step the girl takes, the sea turns into a beach. However, a soldier shoots and arrow and kills the princess. The beach ends where the princess died.

    Experience in walking to the middle of the sea on this beach and then leave yourself to the calm green waters and enjoy the nature.  It will be an unforgettable experience for you.