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  • Marmaris GoTürkiye

    Marmaris is where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean, where green verdant forests meet the famous turquoise waters of the sea, and where modern culture meets ancient civilizations.

    Marmaris is one of the popular tourism towns of Muğla, with its natural beauty, long coastline, magnificent view from pine covered hills, virgin bays, beaches, ancient cities, yacht marinas and cruise harbour.

    Marmaris has been an important port for many civilizations who have ruled over in the area for thousands of e years with its geographical location at the intersection of two seas.

    Ancient Physkos, known as the "City of nature" in Carian language was the first Carian port city and the center of other settlements in the region.

    Ancient ruins of this important port city dating back to 3400 BCE can be seen in Asartepe, in the north of Marmaris city.

    Marmaris is the destination for those who want to relax, explore natural beauty and the rich history of the region. The destination for those who want to the enjoy the turquoise sea and golden sands and try many water- and land-based sporting activities.