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  • Marmaris GoTürkiye

    Marmaris is where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean, where green verdant forests meet the famous turquoise waters of the sea, and where modern culture meets ancient civilizations.



    The town centre of Marmaris is where the castle, port and marina are located. The medieval castle, now a museum, that overlooks the whole area around the harbour and gives you a taste of the old town's character.



    Marmaris is covered with pine forests. They are much loved by the local people for creating great vistas, giving shade and for their part in the production of the famous local honey!



    Marmaris is the home of Anatolian sweetgum, an endemic tree species with a long lifespan of 300 years. It can reach 35-40 meters length under suitable conditions.



    Marmaris is a major centre for traditional gullet cruises as well as luxury yacht charters. Gullets are wooden sailing vessels traditionally built along the western coast of Türkiye that have evolved into comfortable luxurious yachts.



    Söğüt and Taşlıca villages are located to the southwest of Marmaris. Söğüt is about 38 km from Marmaris and Taşlıca is about 4.5 km from Söğüt. They both overlook the Söğüt bay.

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    Marmaris Castle and Archaeology Museum; the first major renovation of the ancient Marmaris Castle was undertaken by the famous Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566) during his siege of the island Rhodes.

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    Turkish Breakfast is a great way to start your day. Tea is accompanied by local cheeses, jams, honey, tomatoes and olives with local breads.